As you may have noticed, I have been removing my various test boards from my sites/production server.  I have finally set up a new server here at home which is almost identical to my production server.  I had to do this due to inability to stop playing with different settings and breaking my sites.  Now I have a playground where I can do anything I want and not worry if I am breaking anything.  This has proven to be awesome as I can now test different op code caching mechanisms, php extensions, etc.  Fun Fun.

I have been holding off, for whatever reasons, trying to code addons for XenForo due to not having a proper test site up and running.  I now have zero excuses, time to learn the Xen way of coding.  I am also diving into PHPFox as well as the 2 appear to be very similar in their approach.  We shall see what I can come up with.